Culture Moves

I do exist besides academic work. My taste in cultural things is quite...eclectic. I have interest in lots of quirky corners, from Japanese all-female revue groups, to French avant-garde films in the early 20th century. These authors' works touch my heart: Iris Murdoch, Jean Genet, Gao Xingjian, and Tang Xianzu.

I directed this play in 2013. It featured a family of five women and their stories with marriage.

I am an amateur player of Guqin, a traditional Chinese instrument. It is supposed be high art for elites in the ancient time. Practicing often with the background sound of my mother cooking from a younger age, I prefer freestyling and have a more casual interpretation--I just like how it speaks well to my personality.

I also spent two years during college making stage production. I mainly worked as a director and playwright and liked to fuse elements from different traditions together, whether it was Chinese opera or flamenco. I enjoyed the vibe of theatre and the visualized drama.

As a journalism student and avid traveler, I've been to quite a few places around the world. Most pictures showcased in this website were taken by me. Here are some of my photographic works.