Research with compassion.

I study the roles of media in shaping culture, social institutions, and niche networks. Trained in journalism, I believe that knowledge building should be rooted in community life.


Assistant Professor of Critical Media Studies, 2024
Department of Humanities, Social Sciences, & Communication
Lawrence Technological University

Digital and Public Postdoctoral Fellow, 2022
Hall Center for Humanities
University of Kansas


Ph.D. in Mass Communications, 2022
with minor in Science and Technology Studies
University of Wisconsin-Madison

M.A. in Journalism & Mass Communication, 2017
University of Wisconsin-Madison

B.S. in International Journalism (First Class Honors), 2015
Hong Kong Baptist University


Wang, Y. & Xun, X. (2024). Marry or not for democracy and love: Dialogic framing in the Taiwan marriage equality movement and countermovement. Media, Culture, and Society 46(2), 235-251. 

Wang, Y. (2023). Homo(phobic)nationalism in Chinese Societies: State Support versus Suppression of LGBTQ Rights. QED: A Journal in GLBTQ Worldmaking 10(2), 139-147. 

Wang, Y. & Wang, Y. (2023). Dangai fandoms under crossfire: The making of queer love in a permeable and convergent media ecology. Transformative Works and Cultures 41(2023).

Wang, Y. (2023). The voice of the voiceless: Queerphobic statism and queer youth advocacy in China. In P. Pain (ed.), Global LGBTQ activism: Social media, digital technologies, and protest mechanisms, Routledge. 

Sun, X., Wang, Y., & McLeod, D. (2023). National independence vs. traditional culture: Framing the 2016-2017 same-sex marriage movement and countermovement in Taiwan. International Journal of Press/Politics. Online first. 

Wang, Y. (2022). Feminists against same-sex marriage: Queer counterpublic in a contested digital space. In P. Pain (ed.), LGBTQ Digital Cultures: A Global Perspective, Routledge. 

Wang, Y. (2021). The twink next door, who also does porn: Networked intimacy in gay porn performers’ self-presentation on social media. Porn Studies 8(2), 224-238.

Wang, Y., Belair-Gagnon, V., & Holton, A. (2020). The technologization of news acts in networked news participation: LGBT self-media in China. International Journal of Communication, 14(2020), 4971-4889.

Wang, Y. (2019). Local identity in a global city: Hong Kong localist movement on social media. Critical Studies in Media Communication, 36(5), 419-433.  

Robinson, S. & Wang, Y. (2018). Networked news participation: Future pathways. Media and Communication, 6(4), 91-102.

Wang, Y. (2018). Digital amplification of fringe voices: Alternative media and street politics in Hong Kong. International Journal of Communication, 12(22), 3707-3728.



"Writing for Print & Electronic Media" (2024)

"Alternative Media Cultures & Counterpublics" (2024)

Areas of teaching:

Ecological approaches to communication studies

Sociology of media and communication

Queer media studies

Journalism studies

Qualitative research methods

Professional Communication

Investigative reporting

Multimedia storytelling

Media and public relations

Audience engagement and community outreach

Public campaigns

Served at

Kettering Foundation (Project Assistant)

Gender and Sexuality Campus Center (Program Specialist)

Midwest Bisexual Lesbian Gay Transgender Asexual College Conference (Outreach Committee)

Chinese Rainbow Network (Peer Support Project; Rainbow Poll Center)

Cultural and Critical Studies Division, Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (Graduate Outreach Liaison; Newsletter Editor)

Teaching Assistants' Association (Publicity Committee)

Envision Energy (Brand Strategy Department)

Center for Journalism Ethics (Fellow)

Agence France-Presse Hong Kong Bureau (Video Producer)

The Young Reporter (Deputy Editor)


Yidong Wang CV